Life like gravel roads should be travelled with caution.

My life for the moment is at the end of my gravel road.  It has been an interesting life and very busy.  It has been bumpy at times and smooth most times but never boring.

I have too many things going at one time to be bored.  Some would say I have too many things going at once to get anything done properly and sometimes they would be right.  I think I do my best work when I have a time limit.  Right now I don’t have a time limit and I feel that anything I write is going to be rather boring.  How else am I going to write in my blog if I don’t just sit here and tap on the keys.

I am still trying to figure out how the site works.  I would like to get a different theme for my header and it looks like I will have to go into the  html code to do it.  That will have to be for another day since I have sat here staring at the page for too long as it is.

I have spent most of the day on the computer, did a lot of surfing and was the moderator for a conference.  I have also gone to the garden and dug some potatoes mostly to get away from the computer.  They are very plentiful.  Most people I have talked with about their garden have said their potatoes are quite large.  We have had a different kind of spring and summer this year and I guess the potatoes were quite happy with it even if the people weren’t.

The weather right at the moment seems to be our summer which we didn’t have much of during that season.  Hopefully it stays around long enough for us to get our crop off.  We are stymied right at the moment since we got an inch of rain just before this hot weather.  A friend said there were snow geese already arriving from the far north.  Hopefully they have been fooled because when they come it usually means snow is not far behind.

My gravel road is well travelled and most of the time is quite dusty.  So I guess I should leave this for another time and make like a housewife.  So have a good day and slow down on gravel roads.

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5 Responses to “Life like gravel roads should be travelled with caution.”

  1. Gowsrumoups says:

    Other variant is possible also

  2. Patti says:

    Hi Gowsrumoups
    What were you referring to about variants?

  3. Need to subscribe to this blog, great post. Found it on bing.

  4. It is nice to stumble across something worth looking at. Seems like everyone is starting a blog and throwing up whatever pops into their mind. Most of the time it does not make good sense. I am pleased to see that is not the case with this one.

  5. Patti says:

    Thank you for actually reading my blog! But then did you?

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