Curiosity Can Also Lead You to Success

Chapter 12 of Harry Lorayne’s book on Mind Power

Have you read the first eleven chapters regarding
Harry Lorayne’s book on ‘Mind Power’? Have you
been curious enough to want to expand your mind
to see how successful you can really be?

Harry Lorayne obviously is a man who has done that.
This chapter is about being curious and his not
understanding others who don’t want to know the
“why” and “how” of new things.

He does not believe that “ignorance is bliss” as the
saying goes. He thinks that a person’s greatest
asset is a ‘sense of humour‘ and a ‘healthy curiosity‘.
Believing that curiosity may kill a cat but with people he
feels what it kills is ignorance.

He feels that those who aren’t curious about anything
go through life; “in a straight line, like a race horse
with blinkers on; not caring about or seeing anything
but their own little pleasures, frustrations and problems.”
He doesn’t think these people come up with a ‘worthwhile
or do anything of interest’.

Curiosity and interest are one and the same and without
either, Lorayne feels a person must be awfully bored. He
says, “the one universal cure-all for boredom is the search
for knowledge

He figures the American educator Nicholas Murray Butler
was talking of such people when he said, “The tombstones
of a great many people should read: Died at 30; buried at

In condensing what Harry Lorayne has written, people may
be rich or poor but if they see things only with their eyes
and not their minds they will become bored. Plus those
who aren’t quite bored yet but soon will be because they
take ‘the path of least resistance‘. Not bothering to take
the time to figure out what they don’t understand.

If you still need convincing that to be successful you do
need to be curious, continue reading <here>

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