You Can Learn What You Really Want To

Chapter 13

It is no great exaggeration to say that living
is for the most
part learning, and that the
remainder of life is merely the carrying on in
practice what has previously been learned.
We begin to learn at least as soon as we
begin to live; very probably the learning
process commences some time before birth.
It does not appear probable that we cease to
learn until we are in the actual clutches of death
Knight Dunlap (American psycologist and author)

Harry Lorayne suggests that many of us learn
to a certain point and then just work with that
knowledge for the rest of our lives.  We can’t
be bothered to take the time and effort to
learn anything more that may enhance our lives.

So in Harry’s book he is trying to show us that if
we don’t keep learning we will stagnate.
1. Not running or flowing: stagnant water
(have you ever smelled stagnant water? P U )
2. Foul from standing still
3. Not active; sluggish; dull
I would say the one Harry meant was number three,
if we aren’t constantly using our mind it becomes
sluggish and basically we are probably a dull person
to be around.

This is the point of Harry’s book ‘Secrets of Mind Power‘,
to help us to learn more, for knowledgeable people not
only benefit themselves but society as a whole.  That
is as long as they use that knowledge.  As the Bible says,
‘you don’t light a lamp and then put it under a basket’.
We should make use of our knowledge and then obtain
more knowledge
so we can live a full life.

Each chapter has concentrated on different ‘ingredients’
needed to learn.  Harry says, ‘curiosity is the starter;
interest and enthusiasm are low gears; concentration and
memory high gears; and accomplishment is the smooth
level ride

Wishing we <more..>

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