There was a Young Couple

There was a young couple who lived by a shoestring
They had no children because of the money thing
He went off to work at his just above poverty job
To find an easier way she on the computer would log.

She surfed and she surfed searching the web
Finally finding a site, free is  what they said
She signed up and was told to verify first
She didn’t once have to open up her purse
In her back office she found many tools
To help her to learn the internet rules.

She knew there was hype about making a mint
So she was sent to the support room to get a hint
For making a mint is not an easy thing to do
But much passion and patience will help you through

She was so excited, questions going round in her head
She put on her headphones to hear what was said.
Their plan had been working  online since  1999
The support group were helpful and very kind
They said, “if you follow our steps one two three
An internet marketer soon you will be”.


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